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Please note : The NGVFA is not responsible for the content or maintenance of these linked sites. Any sites linked remain the authors' own work and do not necessarily express the views of the charity.

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General Veterans Information
Veterans Uk
Tribunals Service - War Pensions & Forces Compensation
The MoD
MoD: Gulf Veterans' Illnesses
MoD: UK Depleted Uranium Policy and Development
Royal Air Force
Royal Navy
Royal Navy - Community Page
ABF - The Soldiers' Charity
Seafarers UK
Royal Observer Corps Benevolent Fund
The Royal Observer Corps Benevolent Fund is a national charity that provides assistance to former members of the Royal Observer Corps and their dependants who are in need, hardship or distress. The ROC stood down from its duties in 1995 after 70 proud years serving in war and peacetime. Many thousands of men and women - more than 200,000, in fact - gave valuable service over that time. It is estimated that there are still some 60,000 former members eligible to call on the Fund. Their dependants may also be eligible for assistance.
Research Advisory Committee Report on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses
Linder Myers Solicitors
Equality and Human Rights Commission in 2007
Hilary Meredith solicitors
The Union Jack Club, London
DASA - Defence Analytical Services Agency for UK defence statistics
DATA - UK public sector information and data
United Kingdom National Defence Association
Forces Reunited - UK Armed forces reunion site
Website relating to bullying in the forces
Family Fund - Helping disabled children
Military Families Support Group
Veterans Oyster Card
The National Archive - The UK Governments' Official Archive
St David's home for disabled ex-servicemen and women
91 Outcomes - Gulf War Veterans News
Legasee - Free, Professional videos documenting Veterans' stories
The Officers' Association
Cinema Exhibitors' Association Card
CDMRP Gulf War Illness Research Program

2012 Report / Program Booklet:
Big White Wall - Online help & counselling, free to service personnel and veterans
Gulf War 90-91 Memorial
Save Our Soldier
Helping combatants with PTSI
Lee Hayward was the guest presenter at the NGVFA respite 2014`
The war poetry website
Poems and poets of today and the first world war
The Ripple Pond
A self-help support network for the adult family members of physically or emotionally injured Service Personnel and Veterans.
Ocean Recovery
The A-Z Guide to Veterans and Addiction: This guide aims to build awareness of the plight experienced by many veterans when it comes to addiction. The guide also provides tips on how to help a veteran who suffers from an addiction.
National Archives
A common theme of Gulf veterans' complaints to MOD is that they, their medical and legal advisers, the War Pensions Agency and others who may have a legitimate reason for access, are experiencing difficulties in obtaining their medical records. The aim of this publication is to provide a simple explanation of the relevant parts of the Service medical documentation system, to describe how it was used during Gulf deployment of 1990-1991, to explain the generic reasons why a record may no longer exist and to provide points of contact which veterans can use in seeking to obtain their medical records. It should be clearly understood that this paper refers to Service medical records. The medical records of dependants belong to the National Health Service and the MOD has no right of access to them except on the basis of MOD employed doctors (Service or civilian) providing medical services.
Medical Sites
Independent Complaints Advocacy Service (ICAS) is a free independent service that helps individuals who wish to make a complaint against any NHS funded service if they have experienced a problem, they are not solicitors but can help draft letters and advise on the legislation and process. This service is only available in England and is covered by three separate charitable organisations:
seAp - covers the South West and South East of England
POhWER - covers the West Midlands, East of England and London area
Carers Federation Ltd - covers East Midlands, North West, Yorkshire & Humberside and North East
Combat Stress
Resolution - Treatment for military PTSD
Counselling Direct
(Note: Treatment with counsellors found through this service is not funded by the NGVFA)
*** NEW *** Mesothelioma UK - Supporting our armed forces
Mesothelioma Center - Asbestos Exposure
Hypnotherapy Directory - UK Hypnotherapy information and practitioners
The Warrior Programme
The Warrior Programme runs residential programmes in London, SW and NW for Veterans and adult Family Members of Veterans. The programme is ideally suited to individuals who are: not fulfilling their potential, stuck, frustrated, angry, guilty, unsure, lacking in confidence, struggling with the transition post operations, in civie street or returning to "normality".
Overseas Links
US Department of Veterans Affairs
Australian Department of Veterans Affairs
US Institute of Medicine - Military and Veterans information
The National Gulf War Resource Center (US)
DHCC / PDHealth - US post-deployment healthcare site
Mesothelioma Lawyer - US
Unofficial / Alternative Sites
Army Rumour Service
Navy Rumour Service
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